About VanillaPvP Survival

VanillaPvP Survival is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server designed to give the barebones survival experience with a few aids to make your journey easier. With a new map started on April 13th 2022, the server has undergone a slight makeover and a move to a new name.

We offer all our players access to /tpa, allowing you to teleport to your friends without the hassle of having to walk tens of thousands of blocks to find their base.

However, this does not mean your base is safe. No land claiming and no grief prevention. So remember to keep your base hidden and far away!

Play the game however you want, team up with some friends or explore on your own! Build an empire or take down another players hard work. The opportunies on this server are endless!

Our Rules

No Unfair Game Modifications Or Exploits

This includes but not limited to using hack/cheat clients, x-ray texture packs, exploiting glitches.

Zero tick farms are an exception to this and are allowed.

Do Not Spam Or Flood The Chat

Spamming, flooding or overusing caps in chat is forbidden and you will be punished for doing so.

Do Not Become Overly Toxic

We reserve the right to punish players who become a constant toxic presence in chat after repeated warnings.

No Punishment Evasion

If you attempt to evade any punishment (ban or mute) on an alt, both the alt and your main account will be banned.

Advertising Other Minecraft Servers Is Forbidden

If you come onto the server to advertise your minecraft server, you will be permanent muted straight away. This includes Discord invites for your server.

Do Not Buy Or Sell Any In-Game Items For Real Life Money

Any buying or selling of in-game items is strictly forbidden. You and the buyer will be punished for it.

Vote for VanillaPvP Survival

TIP: You can use the Middle Mouse Button to open each site in a new tab.

Voting Rewards

Every 24 hours you can vote for us on each of our 6 listings. To reward people for supporting the server by voting, there are several chance based lucky prizes you can win by voting.

Per Vote:
4 Steak
Per Vote:
16 XP Bottle

Lucky Rewards

10% Chance:
8 Apple
5% Chance:
2 Golden Apple
5% Chance:
4 Enderpearl
2% Chance:
2 Diamonds

1% Chance:
1 Wither Skull
1% Chance:
24 Emerald
1% Chance:
1 Enderchest
0.2% Chance:
1 Shulker Box

Cumulative Rewards

Every 18 Votes:
32 Quartz
Every 30 Votes:
32 Gunpowder
Every 42 Votes:
32 Obsidian
Every 60 Votes:
32 Slimeball

Every 72 Votes:
1 Totem
Every 90 Votes:
24 Golden Apple
Every 90 Votes:
4 Ghast Tear
Every 120 Votes:
2 God Apples

Every 150 Votes:
1 Elytra
Every 240 Votes:
1 Trident

One-Time Exclusive Rewards

50 Votes:
1 extra /sethome
Regular Role In Discord
500 Votes:
Classic Fishing Rod (Unbreaking 10)
Exclusive Supporter Role In Discord

750 Votes:
Classic Trident (Loyalty 3, Unbreaking 3)
900 Votes:
Classic Armored Elytra (Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Mending)

Map size